Network Security

2016 was a record setting year for the number of ways that threats to your technology could disrupt your business.  Ransomware attacks (virus’ that encrypt data and hold it ransom) exploded in the second half of last year, causing almost 50% of surveyed businesses to lose critical information.

Under-managed “internet of things” devices worldwide have become so prevalent that they can easily be taken over by criminals and used to shut down the internet of businesses or whole countries through denial of service attacks.

Data breaches and theft of credit cards, personal identities, and trade secrets are still very widespread and on the rise.  Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are realizing cybersecurity and information assurance are not just for the big players, the “other guys”, or specialized industries – IT IS NECESSARY FOR EVERY BUSINESS!!

To help our customers navigate these ever increasing and highly technical threats, we are happy to announce the addition of Security Services to our portfolio of products and services.  We can help you protect your business from these threats by helping you to effectively prioritize your resources to provide the greatest protection.  Be that technology upgrades, changes to your business processes, advanced remote off-site backup or just additional training for your employees, ProTel can assist you with any of these areas on a case-by-case or contracted basis.

As part of our 2017 launch we are giving away 17 complimentary Risk Assessments (a $500 value).

Contact us today to claim your no obligation Risk Assessment free of charge!!