Business Telephone Systems

ProTel can keep you connected with your clients. We provide State of the Art technologies and systems. ProTel has been the Toshiba Business Phone System Dealer in Springfield, MO servicing all of Southwest Missouri for the over 30 years. We can provide Digital, Voice over IP and/or Hybrid systems. ProTel provides Hosted and/or premise based systems based on your needs. If you need multiple locations all network together on one system or separate systems to improved communications and reduced cost, ProTel can design a solution for you.

The Best of Both Worlds

ProTel has the right solution for your business communications needs. A Toshiba IP business communication system provides sophisticated communications features for businesses of all sizes. From a few users to thousands, ProTel can provide the right solution. Choose from pure IP or converged IP solution to meet your business’s needs. Choose from the Strata CIX converged IP system or the IPedge pure IP based system. The IPedge systems are software-centric unified communications platforms designed for organizations who want to deploy on an IP network infrastructure to realize the benefits of managing a single network. The Strata CIX systems provide converged solutions for organizations who want a mix of IP, digital and analog endpoint devices connected to their system along with IP telephony and unified communications applications.

Mobility Solutions

Be connected and productive wherever you are with a ProTel system. You will no longer be out of touch when you are away from your desk. Now you can be free from your desktop phone and still have the privileges, preferences and features you want anywhere an IP or cellular connection exists. Place, receive and manage calls and messages on secure wireless handsets, on your smartphone, or on PCs and laptops equipped for voice calls. We provide mobility options for a broad range of needs and budgets. Users can:
• Roam anywhere in the building with high quality cordless digital telephones.
• Use the desktop feature across campus from wireless SIP DECT phones.
• Use Apple or Android smartphones as Toshiba phone extensions
• Synchronize cellphones and desktop to be reached with one number.
• Use a Wi-Fi equipped laptop or notebook to place and receive calls, integrated with your contacts.

Even if your office is at home today, a hotel tomorrow and a coffee shop the next day, colleagues and customers can interact with you just as if you were in the office.

Hybrid and Cloud Solutions

Unify your premise and cloud-based Business Telephone Systems into one integrated, company wide network. Do you need a digital-and-IP phone system at one location, then a pure IP systems at a new and/or future location, and then need a cloud base telephony solution for remote or satellite locations, we can design a networked solution for you. Get all three solutions from one trusted source;
• VIPedge cloud based telephone solution, the feature and benefits of Toshiba’s IPedge system are available in a pay-as-you-go service, with no on site server required.
• IPedge is Toshiba’s pure IP system built on open standards and deployed on a Linux server or virtualize it.
• Strata CIX platform is a converged IP/Digital/analog system for locations that need all three.

When you select ProTel to provide your business telephone system, you'll receive much more than quality telephones:
- 33-years’ Experience Installing and Servicing Business Telephone System Solutions
- Factory Trained and Certified Technicians
- Quality of Service
- Reliability of the equipment
- Commitment to the Customer

Give us a call today. One of our experienced technicians can provide a free professional analysis of your company's requirements and suggest the most efficient and economical business phone solution.