Data Networks

Today's business is only as fast and as agile its network. Whether you need wired or wireless, or if you need to cover a single suite or multiple campuses we can design, install, and manage your networking needs. We can design and install a network robust enough to stand up to today's demands yet flexible enough to change with you.


Many of today's mobile and IoT devices don't support wired connections. Restaurants, bars, and cafes that provide customer wireless see increases in the time and money customers spend in the business. Let us design and manage a wireless network for your site. Whether you need to cover your office, warehouse, hotel, resort, school, or campground in support of employees, customers, or guests our experience ensures the best experience.


Increasingly, business networks are being used by more and more services; voice and video communication, video surveillance, access control, business applications, and data transfers commonly tax modern networks. These applications require high speed and near-constant availability and reliability. Recent increases in hacking attempts and data breaches require smaller networks separated by function. Our networks are powerful enough to keep up with today's load and flexible enough to adapt to tomorrow's needs.


The importance of networks in today's business means networks need to operate at peak performance at all times. The complexity of today's networks means business owners may not fully understand how to keep them operating at peak performance. Let us monitor and manage your network to keep it operating at peak performance, we may be notified of possible issues before you notice. Do what you do best and we'll do what we do best.

Need a wireless network across your campus? Need desktop service? Need a new Datacenter in a secure underground? ProTel has technicians and consultants that can design, install and service your networking needs.

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