Integrated Physical Security

We help you keep a close eye on your business.

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Intrusion Security Systems

As much as security matters online, it is just as crucial for your physical offices. ProTel provides round-the-clock intrusion detection against anyone who might attempt to force entry into your business—intrusion detection you can monitor and control. We’re talking wireless sensors on windows and doors that will preemptively alert you to forced entry attempts; we’re talking security systems you can arm, disarm, or otherwise manage from any location; we’re talking customized alert texts, security reports, and smart device control. If something goes bump at the office, you’ll be the first to know.

Door Access Control

Keys are great, except when they get lost. Protect your business by making sure that the right people, and only the right people, have access to your building. Electronic door systems save you from going through the expense and frustration of changing the locks. Your employees will gain access via a wireless key fob that’s easy to activate and easier to track. Even better, you will receive reports that detail who came through the door and at what time, should ever a question arise. This solution can be applied to your business as a whole or to isolated areas to which only a few employees have access. Whatever your need, ProTel has the experience and the expertise to make it happen.

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Smart Phone Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on things from the palm of your hand. ProTel’s state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions allow you to monitor the goings-on in your business at all times. Manage your system no matter where you are with access to high-definition footage, live or recorded. Indoor or outdoor, vandal-proof, night-vision—ProTel can help you cover all bases.


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