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Protecting your systems is paramount, as is having a professional on deck for when the going gets rough.

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Managed Services

The time to prioritize your IT infrastructure is before something goes wrong, not after. The bad news? This takes a lot of time (which we guess you don’t have a ton of to spare) and expertise. The good news? IT infrastructure is our thing.

Most IT problems don’t occur in a vacuum. You need an IT partner who is proactive rather than reactive. That’s where we come in. ProTel knows what warning signs to look for and address before your network, hardware, and other systems are compromised.

Let us help. The best sort of IT problem is the one you never have.

It Consulting

New technologies, apps, software, and services are made available to business-owners almost daily. Some of these have the capacity to streamline or revolutionize whole processes, departments—perhaps even transform the way your business operates. Others, well, not so much. ProTel can help you determine what new tech would rock your business in a good way and steer you away from those that will just waste your time. Our goal is to help you leverage today’s tech to increase productivity, not cause headaches.

We start with a consultation—learn about your business, your processes, what systems you use and, how they perform. After we have identified existing bottlenecks, redundancies, and other pain points, we assemble a strategy to get you on the right path with the right tools. More than that, we make sure you stay there.

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Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity

In today’s business world, small businesses have access to the same technology that large companies have utilized for years.

Whether you need a wireless network, a desktop service, or a new data center, ProTel has the expertise and the technicians to get it up and running. As a Master Agent for 50+ carriers of Internet access, Fiber-Ethernet, and many other solutions, ProTel will help identify which networks make the most sense for your business. Once we have found a solution, we will design, install, and provide ongoing service, no matter the size or the scope.


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