Temperature Screening

Thermal Imaging Camera Technology


Provide Safety And Security

In an attempt to minimize the spread of COVID-19, businesses across the globe are screening temperatures prior to workplace entry. With ProTel's thermal camera technology, you can accurately and effortlessly detect elevated skin temperature and protect your customers, business, and team with peace of mind.

  • Measure temperatures on an individual basis or within a crowd
  • Quickly pinpoint and address potential threats with customized alerts
  • Manage software from your smartphone / computer
  • Successfully monitor any facility – small or large

Technology That Works For You

After installation, rest assured knowing your facility is protected 24/7 with temperature screening cameras — yes, even in the dark. The next step is to select your alert method/s. These will deploy when cameras detect an elevated temperature and can be delivered to multiple people in your organization.

  • Desktop software alert
  • Smartphone notification
  • Email
  • Automated announcement at location of detection

*Upon elevated skin temperature detection, a staff member may confirm the reading by measuring the individual's body temperature with a medical grade device.


Tailored Solutions

When we say our recommendations are custom-built for your business, we mean it. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to temperature screening. It's vital to take into account the nature of your business, your facility size, average traffic level, and the personnel you have available for monitoring. For example, even if the building size is comparable, camera installation for a church may look very different than it does in an office setting.

Process Chart

Solutions For Any Budget

In addition to handheld and tripod options, ProTel offers mounted cameras for group surveillance, and a variety of software components. Our products span a vast price range, so we'll work with you to find the right combination for your facility.

Solutions For Any Organization

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Details include:

  • How screening for elevated skin temperature minimizes the spread of infection
  • How to create the best screening station for your facility
  • How to take accurate measurements
  • The best thermal camera for your organization and needs

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